MATA-MONDAY – April 3rd, 2017


New Camper Get-together!

Yesterday was a fun day as we meet a lot of our new Juniors and Middies at the New Camper Get Together outside of New York City.  While a few of the girls have older sisters, who have already spent summers at Mataponi, most of our new campers are coming in not knowing any other girls so this was a way to meet up and get excited for Camp.  Any new camper who wasn’t able to make it didn’t miss out though because we will be making sure we connect with other new Mataponi girls before the start of camp!


Last week we told you the big holiday of the week was “Anything on a stick”. Well, new Junior, Jocelyn Brolin sent us a picture of her dinner that she prepared on a stick to celebrate.


How about this type of snack on a stick to continue the holiday into the month of April?

S’mores Sushi was sent in to us and YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!  We did and it’s awesome, for the full recipe go to:


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Celebrating a birthday this week are:

Campers: Alex V, Sydney V, Siena W, Evie D, Kayla D, Skyler C, Brooke S. Rachel M, Lara T, Harley D,

Kailey J, Tori L.

Staff: Nicole K, Erica K, Eden R, Monique L, Ang T,



This week we celebrate April 7th as International Pillow Fight Day. In honor of this global holiday, this past Saturday (April 1st – and this is for real), all over the world, organized pillow fights broke out in cities from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Brazil to Switzerland.

Check out :  to see it in action.  Why not suggest to your school Principal that this Friday you cancel classes and have everyone bring in a pillow and have a school wide pillow fight?  We think this sounds like a great new evening activity for camp.

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