MATA-MONDAY, Feb 13th 2017


This week’s blog is in celebration of Justin Philpot’s 30th birthday today!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY POT! Not sure how many of you know this but Philpot works year round with Camp Mataponi. He is in the Florida office during the off season but leaves in early May for Camp to assist with the rental groups. He then works all summer as the Waterfront Director overseeing the waterski, swimming and boating departments.  After camp, he stays on until October helping run the additional weddings and rental groups that we host. His experience and knowledge of camp is invaluable and we are lucky to have him part of our fulltime camp family.

We asked “Pot” a few questions about himself in relation to Camp and his own childhood memories..

Name: Justin Philpot

Nickname: Philpot, Pot, Potty the Hottie

Years at camp: I started in 2005, this summer will be lucky number 13!

What are you most excited about for this summer? I think this is the year I’m finally going to be a jambo marshal, I can feel it!

What is your favorite meal at camp? It’s hard to choose between Chicken Patty sandwiches and grilled cheese, they’re both so good!

How has camp affected your life? Camp has changed my life, when I started at camp, I was 18 years old straight out of high school in Australia. I had the best summer of my life and came back year after year. I went to college in the US just so I could keep working at camp in the summer, now I live in Florida, work full time for camp and wouldn’t change a thing.

What is your favorite memory from camp? It’s got to be Edd Stubbs 100th camp fire, when that last pendulum was lit and all the campers went crazy, that was a campfire that definitely deserved a standing O!

What was your favorite toy or stuffed animal as a kid? I didn’t really have a favorite toy, I was always outside playing sports with Dompot.

If you had a super power, what would it be? I wish I had super magnetic powers, so I could get all the walkie talkies and sunglasses I’ve lost over the years in Lake Sebago.

Who’s your hero or role model? Larry Fitzgerald, first class athlete and even better guy.

If you could use a motto to describe yourself, what would it be? Go with the flow, I think I’m pretty easy going, most of the time.



Did you ever wonder why chocolate is such a popular gift to give on this day?
Believe it or not, it only dates back to the mid 1800’s even though the holiday has been celebrated since ancient Roman days. In 1840, the owner of Cadbury chocolates decided to capitalize on the holiday and created custom chocolate boxes with beautiful designs and Valentine’s Day images. Since then candy of all kinds has become a hallmark gift for this holiday.

In honor of Valentines Day, in Mataponi style, we suggest you do a “random act of kindness” tomorrow. Just say or do something for someone you know or maybe even someone you don’t … just because. It will make someone have an extra special day and guarantee it will make you feel good too!


Happy Birthday to the following campers and staff who are celebrating their special day this week. We hope you all have an awesome day!

Campers: Marley K, Ellie B, Lauren I. Athenais P, Morgan D, Lucy G,

Bari G, Reese R, Jordan S, Dana S, Talia C, Amanda R, Chloe F

Counselors:  Philpot, Asia, Connor R & Taylor L. (both new from New Zealand)


Answer to last week’s question of top Mataponi cheers:

We received one so far. The M-A-T-A-P-O-N-I  campfire cheer was performed for us by 3 alumni campers (Erica Sadowsky, Remy Ravitz Strauss, Kara Rosenbaum) who were Seniors in 2003 who were visiting one another to celebrate Erica’s bachelorette party in Arizona. Check out their video of their favorite Mataponi cheer.


Any other favorite cheers?  If so and you want to video it for us, we can post it in the next blog.

Question Of The Week

Name one activity or special event that  Marcy and Dan brought with them to Camp Mataponi. First three people who email us with the correct answers will win a surprise Mataponi prize ! We will post the answers as they come into us in future Mata-Monday blogs.

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