MATA-MONDAY – Feb 27th, 2017



So far, here’s a list of our returning staff for the 2017 summer. Welcome back!! We know there are more staff returning who are not yet listed here, so be sure to check back in the weeks ahead to see who else is joining us for another Mata-mazing summer.

Dee Bassett – Ropes (returning from 2015)

Holly Britain – Dance (returning from 2015)

Trey Burlingame- Gymnastics Director

Bel Cabrera- Photographer

Ashlee Comerford – Athletics (returning from 2015)

Marlee Dannenbaum – Athletics (returning from 2015)

Tammy DeLeonardo- Office

Mike DeLeonardo- Athletic Director

Emily Drucker- Athletics

Stacy Garston-Horseback riding Director

Magda Gibas- Dining Room

Devin Gilman- Theater Director

Arianna Gomez-Jimenez- Dining Room

Sasha Gordon- Dance

Jessie Granader – Waterskiing (returning from 2015)

Kasey Guglielmo – Swimming

Kristian Guglielmo – Middie A Unit Leader

Mateusz Gwozdz – Dining Room

Rachel Heller- Boating

Kristen Jenkins- Health Center Office Manager/ Unit Leader 2017

Nicole Klein -Athletics (returning from 2015)

Sydney Liberman- Waterskiing (returning from 2015)

Kasia Lagoda – Dining Room Chef

Colin Loshaw- Athletics

Heather Mitchell- Swimming Director

Kolien Owens – Videographer

Shane Parish – Tripping

Asia Pinkowska- Laundry facilities

Emma Poulshock – Athletics (returning from 2015)

Hannah Parker- Ropes/ Tripping

Sammi Peck – (Senior ’13)

Olivia Reyes – Boating (returning from 2015)

Chelsea Van Twest- Athletics

Sara Sicinska – Babysitter

Katt Voegeli – Arts & Crafts (returning from 2011)

Crystal Wells – Dining Room Chef


HOLIDAY OF THE WEEK: February 28th is National Tooth Fairy Day

As anyone who has ever been a camper or counselor at Camp Mataponi knows, Gladys is our official Camp Tooth Fairy. Gladys is notorious for never missing a tooth and always makes sure to swoop in late at night when the toothless camper is sleeping and leave a present. You won’t see Gladys…EVER.. as she magically appears when no one is looking. As far as we know, Gladys is our very own tooth fairy!
Campers, tell us your tooth fairy’s name. Do you know it?  What does she leave you ? Email your answers to



Celebrating birthdays in February this week are..

Campers: Sydney C, Sophie D, Jordan E, Brooke R, Ayla R

Staff: Lauren H (New counselor for 2017)



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