MATA-MONDAY – March 13th, 2017


Life after Mataponi still equals CAMP!

Last week, in the Mata-Monday blog we shared 10 things that makes you know you’re a Camp lifer. Well, this week we want to add to two more to the list.

#11:   You know Camp Mataponi may be far in distance from where you live but it’s never truly ever that far away.  The Mataponi connection can strike at anytime and anywhere in the world. Here’s one sent to us all the way from Prague. Amanda Morgan (Senior of 2008 & 2016 Sub Unit leader) was vacationing last week in Europe and met up with Danielle Schwartz (Senior of 2011) who is studying abroad in Prague. They were never official “camp sisters” at camp but then again, you’re all camp sisters and so these two alumni reunited and “talked camp” all night long.

#12:  You know if you choose to work at Camp Mataponi it might just have you meeting your life partner there.  Kyle Seyer (Tennis: 2013-2015) proposed to Mariah Rivard (2015)  this past weekend by taking her up to Camp and asking her to marry him on a cold winter day in front of Sebago Lake.  Mariah said… YES!


In the 23 summers that Dan and Marcy have owned Camp Mataponi, we have had over 20 couples marry after meeting at Camp. Two got engaged at Camp while two others even had fall and spring weddings on the Mataponi grounds. We have 28 little Camp children and two more on the way.  We even have Junior, Kylie Markulics, who can brag that she is first camper whose parents not only met at camp, but were also engaged at Ghost Court and now work fulltime with us for the past 17 years.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Celebrating birthday this week are…

Campers: Steph C, Sophia B, Caroline G, Emerson G, Chloe D, Emily G

Staff: Lucero S, Magda G, Devon S, Tammy D, Annelise R, Bel C




Monday, March 13 – Earmuffs Day  – which will be needed for all of you in the Northeast who are about to get 18 plus inches of snow tomorrow.. have fun and send us pictures of you playing outside


Tuesday, March 14- Save a Spider Day – good luck with this one. If anyone saves a spider, take a picture before you let it go and send it to us


Wednesday, March 15- True Confessions Day- Feel free to share with us any “true confessions” you want that may have happened at camp but you never wanted us to know until this day


Thursday, March 16 – No Selfies Day –  Is that even possible ???


Friday, March 17 – St Patricks Day .. Have a green Shamrock Shake at McDonalds..


Saturday, March 18 – Awkward Moments Day – Again, feel free to send us in your most awkward moment. We can share it a future Mata Monday blog but promise not to use any names.
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