MATA-MONDAY – March 20th, 2017


What’s new at Camp Mataponi??

As we begin the countdown to opening day at camp… 96 more days in case you don’t have Camp on your brain 24/7.   We wanted to update you on some of the new things that will be added to camp for the summer.  We have listened to your suggestions throughout the year and wanted to include some great ideas that came from you, the campers and staff, as well as some more Mata-News about your 2017 staff.

1. We are excited to introduce to you…  Dr. Steven Shukan and Candi Thompson to our Health Center. Candi and Steve will be joining the Mataponi family as our full season Pediatrician and Head Nurse. As husband and wife, the dynamic medical duo have years of camp experience working the last 16 years at a summer camp in the Tri-State area. They are excited to make the shift to the great state of Maine and joining them will be their previous nursing staff as well as a tremendous amount of experience, compassion and energy.

2. Electives are now going to be changed to every 2 weeks rather than only twice during the summer. This will allow you to try new activities throughout the season. Of course, you can keep your electives for more than the 6 classes but the option will be there to change it up.

3. New on the Mata-menu!   Matzah ball soup – a much requested addition, also we will be having Panini makers available at meal times to add to your meal options! If you have other ideas for our menu, get them in now so we can think about adding them.

4. We are adding a Fashion Design/Sewing elective for all of you fashionistas! Sewing machines are in the process of being purchased and one of our new counselors Sharon, from Australia, will be leading the elective and is excited to share her ideas and experienced fashion skills with all of you.In addition to the sewing elective, we will be making fleece and quilt blankets for Project Linus, a national non-profit organization that collects new homemade blankets for children in need. Last year, Project Linus donated 2000 new blankets in Cumberland and York County (both in southern Maine) . This summer we will be joining the efforts by donating our blanket creations to local infant, toddler and teen programs.

5. CALLING ALL SENIORS… Sarah Melancon (Middie B Unit Leader of 2016) will be joining the Senior division as their Unit Leader. Sarah is very excited to be joining “y’all” – (as Sarah says) .. and can’t wait until June.

We will continue to update you with “What’s new for the summer” as the weekly Mata-Monday blogs continue.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Celebrating a birthday this week are …

Campers: Phoebe K, Emily G, Dylan S, Sydney L, Sienna A

Staff: Candi T, Heather M, Shannon C




Monday, March 20thSnowman Burning Day – this is cruel but it’s a real holiday. We’re guessing because it’s the first day of Spring, someone came up with this holiday to wipe winter off the map. Our suggestion … DON’T TRY THIS ONE AT HOME


Tuesday, March 21stCommon Courtesy Day – we’re thinking this is like our Friday night service discussion  of how doing a “Random act of kindness” is just a great way to help someone have a better day.


Wednesday, March 22ndNational Goof Off Day– We found this one in multiple websites so it must be a real holiday that you just have to celebrate. Not sure this means goofing off at school or from school but do something goofy today


Thursday, March 23rdNational Puppy DaySend us pictures of your puppy (even if he or she is not technically a puppy anymore). It can be a real or stuffed puppy but we want to “meet” your best 4 legged friend. Send your pictures to and we will share them in the next Mata-Monday


Friday, March 24th Chocolate Covered Raisins Daygreat way to get your fruit in today


Saturday, March 25thWaffle DayBreakout the waffle maker rather than the frozen Eggo waffles and be sure to tell your parents you have OUR permission to add your favorite topping of whipped cream, ice cream or chocolate chips to your waffle creation


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