MATA-MONDAY – March 6th, 2017



Camp doesn’t just end because the summer does. No way, if you are a camp lifer you live and breathe everything camp 24/7- 365 days a year. Those of you who have been going to camp in the last 10 years have been especially lucky because you have the ability to keep in touch with your camp friends year round through social media. Imagine in the “old days” back before about 2007 when you had to still call your friends to keep in touch. How about before cellphones became popular? Before around 2002 campers had to use land line phones to reach their friends and even write letters? OMG, how could that even be possible? Just kidding. We know the best thing about camp is keeping in touch all year and sharing things with your bunk mates that only they will get.

Below is a list that we put together that has been shared with us as the top 10 signs that you are a Camp Mataponi lifer.

  1. Your password for anything related to your electronic devices is the Naples, Maine zip code 04055.
  2. You are somewhere during the school year and you instantly recognize “that smell”.  It could be the woodsy grassy scent of the fresh cut grass, the smell of a campfire or rain on a warm day. Immediately you think “Wow, that smells just like camp”.
  3. Your family now celebrates “Taco Tuesdays” with your favorite Mexican dish.
  4. Your house is decorated with “keepers” from handmade arts and crafts projects that your parents love to display and would never dream of throwing out.
  5. Atleast once a week if not more you reference camp in a story to your home friends.
  6. You have a countdown to the day camp starts. (It’s only 110 days!!)
  7. You know that an ice cream sandwich that is two chocolate chip cookies with ice cream in the middle can only be called a …CHIPWICH!
  8. You wear something Camp Mataponi at least once a week.
  9. You have a drawer in your room filled with old bus notes that you can’t bear to throw out.
  10. When you see a campfire anywhere but Camp you look closely into the flames to see if you can really spot a “green flame”.



National Oreo Day is today March 6th!

Be ready to observe by having your glass of milk handy, as it is National Oreo Cookie Day. Everyone has their own special way of eating an Oreo.

Do you :  A)  Eat the cookie whole in one bite?

B) Eat the inside frosting first by licking it until it’s gone and save the cookies for last?

C)  Dunk your cookie in milk and savour each bite?



Celebrating birthdays this week are…

Campers: Dalia P & Reese G

Staff: Alexis K & Katy M

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