MATA-MONDAY, May 15th 2017


If you went looking for last Monday’s blog, I’m sorry. It wasn’t there. I had wanted to write about something that I did that would hopefully relate to a lot of you out there but then it never happened SO I got a little disappointed and decided I would write about it in this Mata-Monday’s Blog.  Well, guess what ? The great thing I wanted to tell you about AGAIN didn’t happen but I’m going to share it with all of you anyway because it now delivers two messages… I think or at least I hope.

I was supposed to sky dive for the first time two Saturday mornings ago.  You see, I love trying new things that push me out of my comfort zone as long as I feel like the reward will far out way the fear but I just never felt ready to jump out of a plane. SO, about two months ago, Dan surprised me (actually he was probably tired of hearing me say “I’m going to skydive one of these days”) and he bought me a tandem dive near where we live in Florida. I had to make the initial call to schedule the jump which took me about 5 weeks, 10 hang ups, and lots of time to think in the middle of the night if I was really going to do this until I finally made the appointment.  Fast forward to last Saturday when I was scheduled to jump. With not a cloud in the sky above, wearing my Camp Mataponi t-shirt so I could share my picture with all of you in my blog, I drove with Dan, Hallie (my daughter for those of you who don’t know her yet) and her two friends  to Sebastian, Florida singing  the whole 1 ½ hour way there.  To get me excited the girls played all of my favorite songs ending with Tom Petty’s “Free Falling” just as we pulled in. Nothing was going to stop me now … Ha, that‘s what I thought. As it turns out, blue skies mean nothing if the wind is too strong. We waited and waited as the wind got gustier and then the announcement came that all dives were cancelled for the day. Completely deflated, we all walked back to the car with a lot less pep in our step then when we got out of it 2 hours earlier.  Now I was even more determined to overcome my nervousness because I knew I would love the experience so I rescheduled for the following Saturday. Fast forward (again) to 2 days ago when the same crew piled in the car and drove back up with me to Sebastian (after checking the wind forecast of course) playing the same “Marcy’s playlist” all the way.

This time, I got all “suited up” in my harness, met the instructor I would be jumping with and with what truly felt like butterflies in my stomach, I was ready to board the plane. EXCEPT… out of nowhere dark clouds rolled in and an announcement came that an unexpected storm was headed our way and all dives were immediately going to be cancelled. Really? I thought. I waited all of this time, finally got the guts (twice) and now I am going to have to wait until after the summer to be able to jump-what a bummer !

SO, why did I share this story with you?  Well, originally I really wanted to brag to anyone that would read this that I did it. I also wanted this adventure to “talk” to all of my new campers and counselors who are doing something very exciting yet a little scary for the first time. It doesn’t matter if you’re 6 years old or 26 coming to Camp Mataponi for the first time can feel like you’re about to jump out of a plane – those butterflies might creep up on you just like they did for me.  That’s more than ok . In fact, it’s supposed to happen. Pushing yourself to try new experiences can be uncomfortable at first but it is the way you grow and find out that once you do it, it’s so worth the “jump”. You’re almost there… just a few more weeks and you won’t believe you ever even had a nervous moment.  While you wait for that day in June to come, here are some great quotes I found (because I think quotes really make you think about things and help put situations into perspective) .  Pick one that speaks to you- write it down and put somewhere in your wallet, your backpack or something you are taking to camp so that anytime you are not sure if you are making the right decision, you can pull it out, read it, and know that you are.


I think if I had to find a quote to fit my disappointment of the last two Saturdays it would be…



CAMPERS:   Stevie R, Gabby D, Aerin B, Lexi S, Elle N , Stella C

STAFF:          Kristian G, Arianna G-J, Laura D, Grace PBV



Monday, May 15: Chocolate Chip Day

Considered “an accidental holiday- Rumor has it that chocolate chips were invented by Ruth Wakefield at the Toll House Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts. According to the legend, the creation of the chips was an accident – out of chocolate powder while making cookies for guests, Ruth chopped up some chocolate and added it to the cookie dough. She found that the chocolate did not melt as she had expected,and the chocolate chip and the chocolate chip cookie was born.




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