Missing 04055!

Just this morning I was looking through GQ magazine (at the dentist office) and came across an article about the coolest small cities in America.  The secont city listed is Portland, Maine!  In the article it talked about one of my favorite restaurants, Fore Street. Why one of my favorites? Lets see; the fresh seasonal food, the great atmosphere, well everything.  In my opinion a must visit if you are ever in Maine.

I think Fore Street, and Portland itself, embody so many of the things I love about Camp Mataponi.  There’s always something new to learn about…something fun to try.  Fifteen years ago I rode a horse for the the first time at camp. I learned how to belay on the ropes course. I learned how to sail on Sebago Lake. Most important, I learned what it felt like to miss a place as much as a person.  Which I know many of you have all learned to feel.

So as I tick along, working towards the summer of 2011, I continue to think about what camp has already taught me and what new adventures lie ahead in the 04055!


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