Two girls walking while holding hands

Bunk Life

All cabins are positioned on the border of scenic Sebago Lake. This allows campers to awake each morning to the calling of the Loons, and to end the night soaking in the stars.

Cabin Placement

Campers are assigned to cabins based on school grade and age, with each age group having multiple cabins. The physical size of the bunk and the number of campers in each varies depending upon the division. Younger girls typically sleep 8 or 9 to a cabin while the older divisions have larger bunks that can sleep up to 12 children. The overall camper-counselor ratio is 3:1. The oldest two divisions look forward to coming together in their respective lodges that can sleep as many as 45 girls and 8 counselors.

Campers play outside a Mataponi cabin
Campers lounge in Mataponi cabin

Creating the cabin rosters is a deliberate and discretionary process designed to create an ideal mix of interests, hometowns, schools, and personalities. Marcy visits with each new camper and her family at their home (or via FaceTime if international) prior to camp. Developing a personal connection with each child fosters a genuine trust and friendship between camper and director. This also allows Marcy a chance to learn, first-hand, each child’s interests and distinctive attributes.

Counselor and campers laugh on camp bunk