Camp cabin with cobblestone path overlooking lake


Where are the campers from?

While Camp Mataponi families are predominantly from the East Coast, we have campers from 20 states around the country and a small representation of international campers. Certain geographic areas are represented more heavily than others, since most of our campers hear about Camp Mataponi through alumni and currently enrolled campers.

Is Camp Mataponi a uniform camp?

Mataponi is not a uniform camp on a daily basis. We do ask that the campers wear a uniformed Mataponi t-shirt when they travel together out of camp. We have always maintained a level of personal expression by allowing the girls to choose their daily clothing attire. There is no competitiveness among our campers as to what they are wearing. Rather, mutual respect is emphasized for individuality.

What is a typical day like?

The day focuses around a structured five period activity schedule. Core activities are chosen for the campers depending upon age with an opportunity to “plug in” electives based on individual interests.

The flagpole is a central location for morning and late afternoon announcements for the entire camp. Each division at camp concludes the day with evening activities that are often considered the best and most creative time of the day.

Are the Owners part of the daily operations of camp?

Marcy and Dan are hands on owners and the sole directors of the camp. They are involved in the daily life of camp from sun up to lights out. Their total involvement in every aspect of camp life allows them to truly know each and every camper by name and the bunk dynamics of all 32 cabins.

What accommodations do you make for dietary needs?

We do not cook with any peanut oil nor do we serve nuts or seeds in any of the menu items.

Gluten free meals are available on an individual basis as well as vegetarian options. Camp Mataponi is extremely open to each camper’s individual needs. Any and all questions are welcome in regard to dietary or medical needs.

How do you hire your staff? What are their qualifications?

This is a must question to all camps you are considering.

At Camp Mataponi countless hours and immeasurable travel time is directed at personally interviewing and hiring staff members who are “just right” for Camp Mataponi. Traveling to universities throughout the United States to conduct on-site personal interviews, we feel is the ideal way to truly know which staff will fit the Mataponi philosophy. Each staff member that is hired brings with her/him a level of expertise in their respective activity. Thorough screening procedures which include personal and employment references along with criminal background checks with the support of a professional agency is how we are able to ensure that your daughter is getting the most qualified counselor she can have.

How do campers get to camp? How about their luggage?

Campers travel by chaperoned buses, airplane or parent drop off. Chaperoned group flights are provided with 10 or more campers arriving on the same flight.

Luggage arrives prior to camp either by our private baggage provider, Camp Baggage, or by UPS or FedEx.

What is your cell phone / electronics policy?

Camp Mataponi adheres to a strict no cell phone policy. It is important that all campers and parents understand the policy that Camp is a place that is sacred from computers, cell phones and wireless technology. DS and Nintendos are not permitted at camp. Ipods and MP3 players are welcome at camp provided they don’t have a screen.

Do you upload pictures daily of campers?

Photos are uploaded daily by two full-time camp photographers. Our goal is to give every parent the opportunity to see their daughter happily engaged in activities and feeling the spirit of Mataponi.

Photos are posted daily and each age group has their highlighted day to simplify the process of searching for your child.

Pictures can be found on your “MyMataponi” account via your password and is shared only with the 2019 Mataponi community. Over 100 pictures are posted daily, so don’t worry about missing your daughter – you’re bound to find her zipping across the trees, jumping off “the blob”, or creating a masterpiece for you in her ceramics elective.