a girl doing a split handstand on a balance beam


Camp Mataponi prides itself in having developed a carefully designed and structured program to promote the individual and group development of each camper at our all-girls summer camp in Maine. We’ve done so by selecting both physical and creative activities for our campers to partake in. Whether they are owning the stage or riding horseback, we have something on offer for everyone.

Physical Activities

For girls looking to keep an athletic edge throughout the summer, we offer a multitude of electives and sports. From tennis to gymnastics to lacrosse, campers who partake in these activities will reap the physical benefits while also improving their ability to work and function on a team. 

Our seasoned coaches and instructors will guide them along the way, ensuring each activity is performed safely and fairly. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. These electives are perfect for seasoned vets and newcomers, especially those looking to try a sport for the first time.

Creative Activities

Campers looking to flex their creative muscle will find a lot to love about the imaginative ventures we have on offer. If you desire to be in the spotlight, head onto the stage with our performing arts crew. If you’re more behind the scenes, dive into digital photography or jewelry making. 

No matter what you choose, you’ll be led by our talented, charismatic creative team. They’ll coach campers on new methods and approaches while ensuring they have enough freedom to express themselves.

All Camp Mataponi Activities & Electives