girls posing with their lacrosse sticks

Land Sports

Land Sports We Offer


– Basketball

– Field Hockey

– Fitness/Training

– Lacrosse

– Soccer

– Softball

– Track/Field

Land sports are part of the core curriculum. Scheduled 3x a week for all campers, ages 7-15, girls are encouraged to sign up for additional instruction as an elective activity to receive customized attention in the sport of their choice. With top-notch facilities and fields, and a passionate staff made up of exceptional athletes, campers can get group, as well as individual, instruction promoting optimal growth on both a personal and team-minded level.

Maintain & Advance

For girls who are dedicated to sports at home, our coaches can provide them with the opportunity to not only maintain their skill level throughout the summer but also assist in training toward specific athletic goals.

Foster New Skillsets

Camp also offers the perfect opportunity for campers to try their hand at developing new sports skillsets. We offer competition at all levels, meaning campers are encouraged to step outside their comfort zone and participate in our “no try-outs” inter-camp sports teams. We believe supporting their desire to take safe risks and try new things not only helps strengthen character but reinforces the confidence of believing in themselves. 

Expertly Trained Staff

Our land sports program is run by Brenda Hilcoff, a seasoned Mataponi staff member who, in addition to having a strong athletics background, has two daughters, works as a full-time certified trainer in Sports Performance and is a certified nutritionist in the offseason. Brenda and her staff put a strong emphasis on helping campers reach their fullest athletic potential while teaching a responsible way for them to be their best selves at any age.