an old aerial photograph of Camp Mataponi

Our History

Founded in 1910 as a traditional girls overnight camp, Camp Mataponi successfully balances the spirit of today’s modern lifestyles with decades of rich traditions of camp life on Sebago Lake. Year after year, alumni stop by to visit and are amazed that Camp still looks like the Mataponi they remember as little girls. The trees are a little taller and the rows of totem poles have grown but the famous wishing well still calls the rolling greens its home. The traditional camp songs remain unchanged and the memorable events such as Birthday Ball, Sing, Jamboree and campfires are as alive today as they were over 70 years ago. The infusion of a full camp of spirited campers coupled with updated activities and new and upgraded facilities has allowed Camp Mataponi to continue to celebrate over a century of laughter, love and friendship.