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Casey Siegel Ende

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Hi, my name is Casey Siegel Ende (formerly Casey G Siegel) and I was in the Mataponi Class of ’06 (whoot whoot). Although my family was originally from New York, I grew up in Atlanta, GA before going to Syracuse to study Fashion Design. I lived in NYC with my dog, Charlie, working in the fashion industry for seven years (one of which I worked for Dorrie Goodman – also Mataponi alum and infamous counselor) – before meeting my husband, Marc, and his dog, Wilson, leaving fashion and taking the massive leap of moving to the Hudson Valley, buying a run down horse farm and working every waking hour to transform it into what it is today.

Grateful Woods is a Nature Retreat set on 75 acres of equal parts farmland and woodlands. When we bought the property in 2018, it had most of the structures already on it, but they all needed a *little* love. My husband, Marc, and I have spent the last five years rehabilitating every inch of every unit, adding new additions, breathing life back into the land and carving out special nooks and crannies for our guests to discover. We can sleep 21 in the off season and 32 in the high season between multiple units including a renovated barn, log cabin, cottage, bus and glamping tents. We have a tribe of a variety of goats, three Scottish Highlander cows and a massive horse called Goose.

We built Grateful Woods with a couple of major inspirations in mind, but most impactful was CAMP. Our speciality is large format groups of any kind, but we also host a variety of events, wellness retreats, family reunions and even intimate weddings. We would love to share what we’ve built with all of you! I think you’ll like it… You can find us on Airbnb, the GW Website (which desperately needs to be updated) or Instagram.

We now live in a separate house across the street from Grateful Woods with Charlie, Wilson and our son, Crosby, who was born on February 7, 2023.

PS. Marc and I got married at Grateful Woods in September of 2020 at the height of Covid. Our photographers have a wonderful blog post about it on their site that is a great depiction of the magic Grateful Woods holds. You can check it out here!