girls participating in a team building ropes course

Team Building

Ever thought of flying through the trees like Tarzan? Balancing on a tightrope like an acrobat or possibly scaling a wall like Spiderman? (Well, maybe not exactly like Tarzan or Superman.)

You can do all this and more during one of our Ropes Course/Team Building Programs.

Over the past ten years, we have developed a program that is safe, challenging and most of all fun for all ages. Instilling attainable goals and strengthening confidence are achievements we take very seriously. With that in mind, our program is dedicated to seeing that all participants achieve a sense of accomplishment in both the low and high course.

With an emphasis on safety, our course is inspected and re-certified annually by a professional and fully insured organization.

A day on the Ropes Course is guaranteed to be one of the most exciting and memorable experience of a lifetime. Our certified, courteous facilitators will help guide your staff every step of the way from learning about the equipment and how to properly prepare oneself to climb to debriefing and reflecting on the experience once the course has been completed.

The details of the session will be based on the goals of the individual group. Options or combinations for the session can include/but is not limited to the high ropes course, low ropes course, field activities, canoe & kayak adventures, and orienteering.