Molly Zager

My name is Molly Zager. I am originally from Baltimore but moved to San Diego in 2015 right after college! I was a camper at Mataponi from 2001 to 2007 and then was a counselor in 2011 and 2012. Fun fact: I still have every T-shirt I ever received from Mataponi (Jamboree, Visiting Day, Uniform Shirts, etc.) including the super old apple green T my cousin found at a thrift store in Europe! Now a days, I am working on my business, hanging with my dog, Olive, and surfing when the waves aren’t too big!

I fell into the flower world when I was looking at part-time jobs during my first year in San Diego. After accepting a position at a local flower shop with no experience, I learned all the basic fundamentals of floral design and fell in love with it! While still working at the shop, I took on side projects like small birthday parties, friends’ weddings, and any opportunity I could practice my flower design. In 2022, I went full-time with my business to fully focus on weddings and events. I do my best to practice sustainable floral practice like repurposing arrangements and reusing vessels, mechanics, etc., and designing foam free arrangements and installations. San Diego is an amazing place to be in the flower industry. We basically have a year-round wedding season and are a hot spot for destination weddings and events, so there is always work to be done! We also have access to some of the most beautiful and biggest variety of flowers I’ve seen with a local flower market just 15 minutes away from me. There is a huge saturation of floral designers too but it is so much fun meeting and working with everyone. We always help each other out!

When I work on these large weddings with long prep hours, I always think back to my days in the social hall painting Jamboree decorations. I just am so thankful for those experiences that guided me to where I am today.

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