Justin Philpot
Activity Director At Mataponi since 2005

Justin Philpot

Justin has worked at camp since 2005. Originally from a small country town in NSW, Australia, Justin came to camp as an 18 year old and loved Camp so much he never left! He now works full time for Mataponi and has a finance degree from Florida Atlantic University.

Favorite Things

Justin Philpot waterskiing
I have worked at waterskiing every summer, and just love getting out and skiing every chance I get!
Justin Philpot's dog, Izzy
Izzy is my cockapoo and my sidekick. She goes everywhere with me, including the winter office every day!
Justin Philpot playing rugby
I play rugby for a local Florida team, we were National Semi Finalists in 2018.
Justin Philpot at Acadia National Park
I love being outdoor and exploring new places, this is me in Acadia National Park.

Work hard, stay humble.

a water skier on a lake

Favorite Mataponi Moment

Just seeing a girl get up on one ski or getting a dock start for the first time! It really is the best thing to witness at camp and it really does make me smile for the rest of the day!