Subs & Seniors (Grades 8-10)

As the oldest campers at Mataponi, the Subs and Seniors are given leadership responsibilities throughout the summer. By building confidence and teamwork as well as fortifying individual growth, these leadership initiatives culminate with weekly camp events that are lead by our Senior campers. Community service participation is encouraged and expected at this age with in-house and out of camp projects designed specifically for our Subs and Seniors in and around our community.


A structured block schedule continues during these final two summers at camp. Choice electives, however, are more freely created for our oldest campers to further encourage and strengthen each camper’s personal interests and individuality.

subs& seniors



The much anticipated 1 night/2 day hike to the summit of Mount Washington instills a pinnacle bonding experience that simply cannot be replicated. The confidence that is gained, the encouragement that is provided amongst one another and the inspiration that comes from this adventure is embraced to the fullest by the Sub campers.


A 2 night/ 3 days White Water Rafting trip down the Kennebec River seals the Senior summer as one of the most magical seasons yet to be experienced.

Group jumps into lake while director sits on beach

Camp Sister

The Camp sister program now takes on a mentoring role. Subs and Seniors are well equipped to foster the friendships with these younger girls and take their responsibility as the “big sister” seriously. As they head into their final year or years as campers, they strive to ensure that their beloved camp traditions live on in their “little sisters”.

Group poses covered in shaving cream
Group stands on dock with waterski