Camp Counselor Testimonial by Ally Lobb
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Testimonial by 2022 & 2023 counselor Ally Lobb:

Camp Mataponi – a place which I’ll always call my summer home. The bubble that we live in for 3 months instantly felt like home and I’ll forever feel lucky that I was able to work alongside people from all over the world on Sebago Lake. Mataponi has taught me so many wholehearted lessons; like learning that a group of strangers you just met can turn into lifelong friends and family. Friends come in all ages. A simple act like walking across camp to the famous “spring” to fill up your water bottle and catch up with a staff member or camper can make your day.

I also learned that I am capable of so many things like working far away from home with new people isn’t so scary, being a “mom” to 8-year-old girls is amazing, realizing that I can braid hair in record time, and that there’s nothing better than dancing and singing with your campers during clean up and bunk time. And that even with an age gap we (my 8-year-old campers and myself) both love the same music [Taylor Swift and Camp Rock]. Finally, seeing the campers (of all ages) faces light up when they stand up on waterski’s for the first time is indescribable. I also loved filling in my campers about my home life in Australia and that I do not in fact ride a Kangaroo around!

There were also personal life lessons that I discovered like trusting my gut when making decisions and pushing myself out of your comfort zone when I was given the chance. Also, that trying new things is so important for growth.

I’ll never forget my first bunk of girls and the laughter and memories they gave me- the best gift of all. I also discovered how beautiful Maine and New England are, if you love what you do than work can feel like play and doesn’t feel like “just a job”, how important jibbets are- especially the rare glittery ones and that I should always say “yes” to ice cream sundaes on Sunday, S’mores at campfire on Saturday nights, and to eat chipwhiches when they are served for snack. Camp Mataponi – thank you for the lifelong memories and I can’t wait to be back for another adventure next summer! If you’re thinking about taking the summer job to work at Mataponi the answer is always YES!

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