5 Tips to Practice 5 Weeks Before Your First Summer at Camp Mataponi!
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Group of girls pose next to art table at summer camp

We know you have been waiting all year for your first summer at Mataponi, our all-girls camp in Maine! We have such an exciting adventure ahead and want you to be as prepared as possible for the BEST summer ever. Practice the five tips below to help prepare for your first summer:  

1. Showering in Under 5 Minutes. We Promise You Will Get Clean!  

At Mataponi everyone showers at “Shower Hour”. In order to get your entire bunk showered in one hour, we aim for 5-minute showers. A fun tip is to practice this with a timer or put on a song that’s about 5 minutes long and you’ll be ready for Mataponi shower hour by June.   

2. Deciding What Clothes Are Clean vs. Dirty 

We collect your laundry once a week, and we know you packed plenty of clothes, so come up with a system to know when it’s time to throw your clothes in the wash. Don’t forget to wash your swimsuits too! 

3. Making your bed 

Every day after breakfast we have clean-up and we make our beds. The cabin with the cleanest record each week wins honor bunk. The winning bunk chooses their prize. You will quickly see why cleaning has never been so much fun!

4. Letter writing and envelope addressing 

We know your parents, grandparents, siblings, and pets are going to want to hear from you. Practice writing, addressing, and stamping letters. It’s a good idea to pre-address and stamp envelopes before camp.  *You can even send one to yourself before you arrive in June – we’ll have it there waiting on your bed for you when you arrive!

5. Knowing which “Greens” to add on your plate 

The food at camp is DELICIOUS! As you may already know we have plenty of S’mores, Chipwiches, and Sundaes on Sundays but in order to get through the long, fun camp days with energy, you need to put some veggies on your plate. A solid tip is to experiment at home and figure out what you like best! Our favorite is the salad bar veggies. Before you know it, you’ll be saying “ More edamame please!”

Learn More About Summers at Camp Mataponi 

Want to know more about spending the summer in Maine at our all-girls summer camp? Get in touch with us about everything Camp Mataponi and, hopefully, we’ll see you this summer.


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