To: Camp Mataponi
From: A Mataponi Family
September 28, 2021

Our daughter had such a great experience this summer (Summer 2021) because of all of you. Covid hit like a ton of bricks and our fun loving outgoing girl lost interest in a lot of her old activities and friends. New experiences and new friends were all we wanted for her. We wanted a camp that would push her a little, but be nurturing and supportive. We really didn’t know what to expect. We researched about 25 camps looking for the right one. But the moment we looked at Mataponi and saw the beautiful lake and grounds, and the campers and staff who seemed down to earth, we had good vibes. Then when we met Marcy, Dan & Nikki and that sealed the deal. We were so happy and relieved at drop off when her Unit Leader came to meet our apprehensive girl at our car and reassured her (and us) that all would be fine. We know this was a crazy difficult summer for camps, and everyone worked 10 times harder than usual. But we were blown away! You exceeded our expectations by a mile!!

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