Sooo…. Why Am I Sending My Daughter To Camp Again?
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Girls pose for photo while piggybacking

Parents of first-time campers more often than not find themselves faced with their own unexpected mix of emotions as that big day in June draws near and the thought of putting their daughter on the bus without them becomes a reality.  No doubt excitement leads the way in emotions but creeping up under that enthusiasm might just be a tinge of anxiousness as to whether you made the right decision. Will she be able to navigate new situations without me? What if she doesn’t get enough food at the meals? Who will she call for if she wakes up in the middle of the night? 

We are here to reassure you that not only did you make the right decision but that we are here for you every step of the way as your daughter heads off into the world of “Green and White”. Want to be reminded why you’ve made one of the BEST decisions you could ever make for your daughter? Ok, we’d be happy to remind you.   

This blog could turn into a novel if we were to list all of the hundreds (if not thousands) of reasons why Camp Mataponi is the most magical home away from home for your daughter but we’ll focus on the top 5 reasons to remind you made the perfect decision to send her to our girls camp in Maine:  

1.)  Camp is a Confidence Booster Like No Other

 Camp allows your daughter to navigate new situations and push herself out of her comfort zone, all while being supported by an incredible team of staff who have only her best interest at heart.

After school activities and sports teams have a social component that teaches comradery, but they also can come with added pressures like tryouts, grades and stressful competition. Camp gives your daughter the chance to safely step out of her comfort zone and try different activities that she may not have access to or wouldn’t necessarily feel comfortable trying at home.  Our motto of “You don’t have to be the best, just try your best” is evident when you watch our girls interact at activities. You see bunkmates lifting each other up for getting to the next rock on the climbing wall, girls cheering each other on for playing in their first-ever basketball game, “Junior” campers putting on their first pair of water skis and jumping in the lake with their bunkmates for a morning ski. 

The list is endless. This type of bond and feeling of comfort with one another is what makes the girls feel accepted. It’s the true definition of sisterhood and is hard to capture anywhere but inside our camp bubble. 

2.) Camp is the Most Selfless Thing You Can Do For Your Daughter 

Remember to remind yourself that your gift of camp will go on giving for the rest of her life. These childhood memories are ones that will help shape your daughter into her future self and the friendships will last long after her years as a camper have ended. The sheer hours of activities she will do in one day would be impossible to replicate at home. 

Where else can you daughter waterski, horseback ride, create fashionable clothing, compete in a watermelon eating contest, play in a soccer game, swim in the lake, and play “Goldrush” all in one day? Nowhere…. but camp!  

3.) Screen Detox 

While we were all stuck at home over these past several months, perhaps you watched The Social Dilemma documentary? If not, I urge you to take in the 1 hour and 34-minute documentary that explores the effect of smartphones and social networks on human behavior. As we are all too well aware, our society from toddlers to adults is excessively hooked on our devices which cannot be a good thing for us physically, mentally, or emotionally. 

Camp enables our girls to explore the possibilities that life without technology can not only be freeing but WAY more fun than sitting in front of a computer. How quickly camp squabbles are rectified when there is no buffer like a cell phone to unnecessarily complicate minor disagreements.  Learning to have real conversations with bunkmates makes for much deeper friendships ultimately creating bonds of sisterhood that last forever. 

4.) Preparation for the Years She Will Go Off On Her Own:

Preparing for the college years may seem like a lifetime away yet it will be here before you know it and giving your daughter the opportunity to learn critical life skills early on will allow her to grow exponentially and be ready to take on the world when the time comes to live independently. 

Venturing outside of the usual friend circle from school offers campers the opportunity to make connections with other girls they may never have connected with at school or at home. Learning to take safe and healthy risks without you there offers lessons in trust, confidence, “stick-to-it-tiveness” and resiliency that many don’t learn until well into their teen years or older. 

5.) You’ve Put Your Trust In Us for a Reason…We Won’t Let You Down

You’ve put your trust in us as owners, directors, parents and educators that have been doing this for almost three decades. We are here for you as much as we are here for your daughter. It is a partnership and as the saying goes “It takes a village to raise a child” so let us ease your mind that you have made the right choice- the best choice and one that you can be assured will reap its benefits long after your camper comes home in August.

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