Marcy Isdaner
Owner/Director At Mataponi since 1994

Marcy Isdaner

Camp life has always been a huge part of Marcy’s life. For 12 summers she attended overnight camp in Canada as a camper, a counselor and is now in her 26th year owning and directing Camp Mataponi with husband, Dan. As a graduate of Boston University (which is where she met Dan in their freshman year) Marcy resides with her family in Jupiter, Florida.

Favorite Things

Young Marcy at Sebago Lake
• When finding Camp Mataponi in 1994 , I thought it was my first time ever being in Maine. Come to find out that at the age of 5 I spent a summer on Sebago Lake with my family camping. Some things are just meant to be!
Marcy and family take selfie on hike
When I’m not working on new ideas for camp (which rarely ever happens), I can be found outdoors doing some kind of activity with friends and family.
Marcy sky dives in her Mataponi t-shirt
Love challenging myself to find new places for me and my Mataponi shirt to go…
Marcy dresses up for a Theme Dinner
I created Theme Dinners at camp so that I could play “dress up” forever!

In a world where you can be anything, be yourself! Marcy’s Personal Motto

Rainbow inspirational quote sign on tree overlooking camp lake

Favorite Mataponi Moment

When all three of my daughters won the Jamboree Watermelon eating contest in the same summer! They practiced all year so it was a proud moment!