Dan Isdaner
Owner/Director At Mataponi since 1994

Dan Isdaner

Dan started attending overnight camp from the young age of six years old. Between being a camper and staff member, Dan spent 18 straight summers at summer camp. After five years in the real world, Dan, along with his wife Marcy, became the Owners/Directors of Camp Mataponi in 1994.  Dan graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Dan and his family reside in Jupiter, Florida when not at Camp.

Favorite Things

Dan and Marcy with their daughters
Marcy and Dan and their three children, Nikki, Mia and Hallie.
Dan Isdaner playing a game of golf
I love to get out and play some golf.
Dan Isdaner's dog
I enjoy being outdoors with my dogs, Steve and Janey.
Dan Isdaner coaching Mataponi lacrosse
I love coaching lacrosse during the summer at Mataponi, as well as my daughter's High School team in Florida.

Do it with Passion, or Not At All Dan's personal motto

Aerial view of Mataponi Rope Burn

Favorite Mataponi Moment

One of my favorite nights at camp is Rope Burn. It is hard to keep the emotions together. Starting off with Senior girls jumping in the lake with the flannel shirts that have been passed down for over 30 years and capped off with the entire camp gathered for the big burn and the amazing rope burn songs. It is truly a magical night for everyone.