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MATA-MONDAY, Feb 6th 2017

  Reunion recap! Last Sunday, we had a record 270 campers and counselors who attended the reunion at Bowlmor in Times Square, campers came from as far away as Texas and Colorado to Massachusetts and Florida. There was probably no other place in the whole world that could say they had this much fun and […]

dateFebruary 06, 2017 author

Love Actually is

The movie “Love Actually” is one of my favorite movies because it illustrates a wonderful point: love actually is. Love exists despite anyone who tries to say otherwise.             There is, in fact, a corner of the earth where love is completely unscathed and is flourishing brighter than any other phenomenon. Love exists at summer […]

dateApril 29, 2013 author

Too busy playing tennis to tweet

Have you checked your Twitter, your Facebook, your email, your text messages, your Instagram yet today? And once you’ve done that, you need to do it at least fifteen more times within the hour. You wouldn’t want to miss a notification.             This is the reality of today’s technological landscape. In 2013, when you can […]

dateMarch 25, 2013 author

Silliness is as valuable as Chocolate Chip Cookies!

In this blog I would like to address a topic that I only briefly mentioned in my last blog. I believe I worded it something like, “Mataponi is an environment in which silliness is as valuable as chocolate chip cookies.” I’d like to shed light on this particular comparison, which while entertaining at face value, […]

dateFebruary 11, 2013 author

Reflections on Camp Life

          Before I began to write this blog, I visited and clicked on “The Maine Difference.” My intention, of course, was to read about the allures of Maine from a perspective other than my own. I found that when the site termed Maine summer camps as “The best kept secret in […]

dateFebruary 08, 2013 author